Iron Sale Reviews: Black & Decker D2030 Iron Auto-Off Digital Advantage

Iron on Sale Reviews: Black & Decker D2030 Iron Auto-Off Digital Advantage

Save: $32.20 (50%)
  • 1500-watt iron with digital-display temperature and fabric settings
  • Easy-to-read mini LCD monitor; stainless-steel soleplate; soft grip
  • Variable-steam control; vertical steaming; burst of steam; auto cleaning
  • Temperature ready tones; motion-sensitive auto off with audible alerts
  • Measures approximately 5 by 11-1/2 by 6 inches; 1-year warranty

By Dharma (CT) - The only reason I have given it 4 stars is due to the following:

1. Its a little heavy as compared with other similar irons - but on the flip side I have noticed that the weight has helped iron the clothes better
2. You could control the flow of steam but on the lower settings also, the water is used up pretty fast.
3. After each ironing session they suggest to turn the steam off before powering the iron off and turn steam on only after powering the iron on for the new session. I am not sure what it does to the iron if this is not done in this fashion but it is kind of cumbersome to do it every single time and would tend to forget this standard operating procedure :-)

Apart from that the iron works pretty good and I am happy and would recoomend you to buy it.


By Mark (East Coast) - The Black & Decker D2030 Auto-Off Digital Advantage Iron has a lot of nice design elements and good performance. Most of all, this unit is priced very well for the included features. Of course along with that come a few things that could have been improved. Some may opt for a higher end model, but for most people this unit's flaws should be overshadowed by the positives.

I have used more irons that would be considered *budget models* than those that could be considered *premium models*. I am aware that some brands, like Rowenta, seem to have a very loyal following. However, being very value focused I have yet to take the plunge with any of those much more expensive models. So my comments come from a user who wants the best value for the money. I am willing to accept this iron's flaws because it performs so well given the price.

+ The iron heats up quickly and alerts you with a *beep* when it's hot
+ The weight of the iron seems evenly distributed and easily glides over clothes
+ The cord has a rotating base that allows it stay out of the way as you iron
+ A nice screen clearly displays the fabric number you select with the simple controls
+ The water reservoir seems to hold more than some of the other units I tried
+ Produces nice steam, though adjustable wheel gives less than ideal volume control
+ Also squirts water with the push of a button
+ A convenient red LED on the handle lets you know that the iron is plugged in
+ The unit gives a warning beep and automatically shuts off when not in use
+ Included 1 yr warrantee gives some peace of mind
+ The price seems very reasonable compared to a few other irons I tried and returned before settling on this one

- Refill water with caution because the cover does seem poorly made
- There might be a shorter life with the electronic controls than plain old knobs
- Changing settings goes in order, so to change from 6 to 5, you have to go through 1-4
- May feel a little heavy to some people
- The unit beeps every time you change a setting, which can get annoying
- The steam adjustment wheel seems to go from "off" to "on" with only a little variation

Like all irons I have used, it may feel heavy for some people. I like the overall feel, and think that the weight helps with thicker fabrics. I know there are steamers that are much lighter, and some people may prefer that.

Considering the digital controls, nice steam and quick heat up time, this is a great value. I do worry about how long some of those electronics may last. On my old iron, I never had to worry about those types of parts failing. But hopefully with careful handling and storage this unit should last a long time.


By PFC - I found this to be a great product overall however, I rated it as a four star for ergonomics. The button I use the most is the steam surge button. As a right-handed person it would be perfect if this button were located on the left side of the handle so that I could easily access it with the thumb of my right hand.

Unfortunately the spray mist button is on the left - the steam surge is on the right which is a little cumbersome. I would have liked to see the designers simply reverse the position of these buttons. Other than that I highly recommend this product.

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