BlackBerry Curve 8330 Phone Reviews: Save 75 %

BlackBerry Curve 8330 Phone Reviews: Save 75 %

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Smallest, lightest BlackBerry with full QWERTY keyboard features GPS turn-by-turn directions via Sprint Navigation

Sprint Mobile Broadband Network via EV-DO connectivity; Sprint TV and Sprint Music Store enabled; access personal and corporate email

2-megapixel camera/camcorder; Bluetooth for handsfree devices and stereo music streaming; MicroSD expansion up to 8 GB

Includes: handset, rechargeable battery, charger, USB cable, 3.5mm headphones with microphone, 1 GB MicroSD card, quick start guide.

BlackBerry Curve 8330 Phone Reviews:

By Natalie V. Galasso(Newark, New JERSEY)
I am a very high tech digital girl, I go through about two to three cell phones a year due to the fact that I bore of them after constant daily use of them. Prior to the blackberry curve I owned a Palm Centro, in pink.. Wonderful phone by the way.. loved the touch screen. ANYWAY* Sprint offers this amazing unlimited everything plan for 99$ ( awesome deal! ) I upgraded to the Blackberry curve recently.. I will list the pros and cons.

Beautiful, bright, large wide and clear screen

QWERTY Keyboard ( gosh I love texting, I cant use a normal cell to text on anymore after being spoiled with the qwerty keyboard)

Comes with leather case

Email Enabled

Has Pocket Express

Cheap Simply everything plan for 99.99 with sprint

Can Download AIm, MSN, flicker and a few other programs from

1. no place to hang a cell phone charm from
( I felt a strange, slight withdrawal from the lack of a cellular charm. made me feel a little mental hahaha IT REALLY BOTHERED ME FOR ABOUT A WEEK, I had to find what to do with my old charms, I then just attached them to my key chain... )

2.Every time I restart my phone, my theme defaults back to the original.


By D. Montgomery (Portland, OR)
This is my first Blackberry. I got it for free for work, even though I don't really need to be in contact that often.

This phone is like a swiss army knife with 50 tools. Technically, it can do many things, but it does none of them well. The menus are a jumbled mess of indistinct icons, and the drop down menus contain endless items to scroll through to get to the one or two you actually use. There are lots of options screens with lots of choices, but they are so disparate and poorly laid out you will always have to hunt around to find the setting you are looking for. Overall, the device's software seems like a project where several different teams worked separately, never talking to each other until the day before it shipped, when they hurriedly pasted it all together.

Navigation with the little thumb stick is ok, often not very precise, and frequently frustrating. The small keyboard is actually not bad, and I have big hands, though I hear others at work who have the same model complain about it. Battery life is also just ok. I don't make many calls and I have to recharge every couple days. Call quality with Sprint is good and I haven't had any problems with reception. The web speed is also ok. Email sync methods leave a lot to be desired, but I wouldn't blame RIM for that.

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